Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Antiquing in the north woods!

I went antiquing with my sister and cousin in Hayward while 
we were there. We hit up the thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales. 
Our family is really into antiques and a small town like Hayward is a 
really good place to go!

One of the antique stores is a total gold mine if you are into kitschy north woods type stuff.
Owls, deers, bears, they had it all! The place was huge and the prices were over all really
good. I had the most fun there, the place was bursting with amazing stuff!

This was something I really wanted to get. I have been wanting a old 
owl lamp since forever. It was only 40 dollars but I had spend a lot on 
 antiquing this month. However, I am going back for the 4th 
of July and if this is still there I will get it then! I just had to
practice self control on this one lol.

Pretty Kitty I passed up because well, I
was looking for more north woody stuff.

This place had a bunch of deer heads. 
I think they are pretty awesome, but I 
wouldn't have room for one. 

Some of the goodies my sister and I got. We had some 
other good finds like a lovely afghan blanket but I didn't
get a photo of everything, I had to get to the beach!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crafting Fun!

I am going away to the north woods for a week,
but before I go I want to have one more post!

I got a lot of work on my Etsy store done!
I actually named my store after my family's resort in WI!
There are only a few items for now but I will have a lot more soon.

Also original art!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Mugsy my American Pit Bull Terrier. 

My weird dog who loves to chase his tail and 
may think he is a cat.

I have had him for over 7 years now.  In the years I have had him
I have learned a lot about his breed and how some people view him.
One thing I have learned is that most people who fear or dislike pitbulls 
have no idea what one actually looks like! So many times people
are surprised/shocked to hear me say he is a pitbull. He was too friendly
 and happy to fit their view of some ugly monster dog that eats joggers
and babies. I use to call him a staffordshire terrier so people would not give
him dirty looks like they often did when they learned his breed. I have always been
around dogs growing up and I can without a doubt say Mugsy is one of the 
best dogs I have ever met. He is friendly, funny, and loyal.  It really makes 
me mad to see how people treat his breed. Many people who get pitbulls are 
horrible dog owners. That is the other thing I have learned. They
get them to have some sort of image and train them to be aggressive.
Pitbulls at one time in American history were loved and adored.

Monday, May 21, 2012

10 facts about Me!

So my new blog still needs a lot of work. 
I am working on it little by little and trying to make it look
better. I need to make some custom stuff for it like
my header and background but that will take another week
or so I think. Plus I have been busy working on my etsy store too!
SO I thought I would just do a fun little post today.
The ever so popular 10 things about me post.

  1. I am a stay at home mom with 2 kids. A 2 year old (almost 3) and a 1 year old. Both Girls. I am also a mommy to a Kitty, Lizard and Mugsy our pup.
  2. I almost never drink and I don't smoke. When I do drink it has to be a white russian.
  3.  I am left handed! Yet I can use my right hand very well.
  4. Ever since I was a child I have been obsessed with dinosaurs.
  5. I love vintage north woods themed stuff like deer and mushrooms.
  6.  I'm pretty clumsy and awkward. 
  7. I am about to get married on the 4th of July in the north woods <3 (My future husband and I are doing things out of order we do it our own way!)
  8.  My favorite snack is sunflower seeds. Yum.........
  9. I am from IL Chicago suburbs but was born in FL.
  10.  I love the cold and I do not enjoy really hot weather.

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Kids!

Life with Hailey and Lily

Hailey got her 1st library card!
It was so cute she gave the lady her book and card 
all by herself and said " I would like to check out
this book please here is my card"
I did not tell her to do that, I think she saw it on tv hehe!

Balloons for Lily's 1st Birthday!
We got her like 66 balloons..I think we needed more..

My younger daughter Lily Quinn!
They are a lot of work but so fun.

I am the best mom because I get my kids poke-a-ball pizza
for their birthdays...

And this is how to eat cake...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Art Post!

I wanted to do a NEW art post today,
but my scanner is not working...
so today has to be a OLD art post.
Just something for me to reflex on
my art...

Dinosaurs with feathers!
I did this in school at least 3 years ago.
I love that dinosaurs have feathers,
it makes them all the more exciting to me.

I did this meme last year. I really am happy to
see my improvement. The 2005 is one of the very 1st things
I did in photoshop. I used a mouse to color it and
just some line art I scanned at school.
I still have more to work on however. The 2011 mermaid's tail
is pretty rushed and terrible. The lesson from that is to
not rush just because you are almost finished.

This is a older commission I did. I had to make a werewolf
based on the colors of the commissioner's cat.
They wanted the pentagram in the moon, that was
the only thing I would have changed
but I wanted it to be perfect for them.
I really liked how the blood/gore turned out.

I want to improve even more.....

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Avery's Bucket List

Every time I read this blog I start to cry. I can't help it....
What a adorable baby, my heart goes out to her family. I
know this is not very current news but I want to always
 remember this story. 
It teaches us to never take things for granted..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Computer!

I decided to sort of give up facebook. That site is a drag and dull now.
Then I remembered I have a blog thing!
 Sure I might not have people following it and I won't get all the "likes" from
 grade school friends I don't even talk too, but I decided to stop giving FB tons of info to sell!
I look at it as a semi private online journal. I can make my own time line lol.

So here is what I did after my last computer died....

We made a little garden in the back yard. 
It does not get full sun so I am not expecting
much veggies from it but it is still fun to do.
Also Hailey is a awesome helper.

Strawberry & lemon cake I made for my mom!
I am going to be taking some classes for cake decorating soon 
so my cakes will be better maybe....

Hailey did her own makeup...

Also I started drawing again! 
I think this pic sums up a lot of what makes me happy..
Dinosaurs and bright colors.
This is suppose to be a allosaurus.