Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Antiquing in the north woods!

I went antiquing with my sister and cousin in Hayward while 
we were there. We hit up the thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales. 
Our family is really into antiques and a small town like Hayward is a 
really good place to go!

One of the antique stores is a total gold mine if you are into kitschy north woods type stuff.
Owls, deers, bears, they had it all! The place was huge and the prices were over all really
good. I had the most fun there, the place was bursting with amazing stuff!

This was something I really wanted to get. I have been wanting a old 
owl lamp since forever. It was only 40 dollars but I had spend a lot on 
 antiquing this month. However, I am going back for the 4th 
of July and if this is still there I will get it then! I just had to
practice self control on this one lol.

Pretty Kitty I passed up because well, I
was looking for more north woody stuff.

This place had a bunch of deer heads. 
I think they are pretty awesome, but I 
wouldn't have room for one. 

Some of the goodies my sister and I got. We had some 
other good finds like a lovely afghan blanket but I didn't
get a photo of everything, I had to get to the beach!

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