Thursday, May 17, 2012

Art Post!

I wanted to do a NEW art post today,
but my scanner is not working...
so today has to be a OLD art post.
Just something for me to reflex on
my art...

Dinosaurs with feathers!
I did this in school at least 3 years ago.
I love that dinosaurs have feathers,
it makes them all the more exciting to me.

I did this meme last year. I really am happy to
see my improvement. The 2005 is one of the very 1st things
I did in photoshop. I used a mouse to color it and
just some line art I scanned at school.
I still have more to work on however. The 2011 mermaid's tail
is pretty rushed and terrible. The lesson from that is to
not rush just because you are almost finished.

This is a older commission I did. I had to make a werewolf
based on the colors of the commissioner's cat.
They wanted the pentagram in the moon, that was
the only thing I would have changed
but I wanted it to be perfect for them.
I really liked how the blood/gore turned out.

I want to improve even more.....

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