Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Mugsy my American Pit Bull Terrier. 

My weird dog who loves to chase his tail and 
may think he is a cat.

I have had him for over 7 years now.  In the years I have had him
I have learned a lot about his breed and how some people view him.
One thing I have learned is that most people who fear or dislike pitbulls 
have no idea what one actually looks like! So many times people
are surprised/shocked to hear me say he is a pitbull. He was too friendly
 and happy to fit their view of some ugly monster dog that eats joggers
and babies. I use to call him a staffordshire terrier so people would not give
him dirty looks like they often did when they learned his breed. I have always been
around dogs growing up and I can without a doubt say Mugsy is one of the 
best dogs I have ever met. He is friendly, funny, and loyal.  It really makes 
me mad to see how people treat his breed. Many people who get pitbulls are 
horrible dog owners. That is the other thing I have learned. They
get them to have some sort of image and train them to be aggressive.
Pitbulls at one time in American history were loved and adored.

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