Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Computer!

I decided to sort of give up facebook. That site is a drag and dull now.
Then I remembered I have a blog thing!
 Sure I might not have people following it and I won't get all the "likes" from
 grade school friends I don't even talk too, but I decided to stop giving FB tons of info to sell!
I look at it as a semi private online journal. I can make my own time line lol.

So here is what I did after my last computer died....

We made a little garden in the back yard. 
It does not get full sun so I am not expecting
much veggies from it but it is still fun to do.
Also Hailey is a awesome helper.

Strawberry & lemon cake I made for my mom!
I am going to be taking some classes for cake decorating soon 
so my cakes will be better maybe....

Hailey did her own makeup...

Also I started drawing again! 
I think this pic sums up a lot of what makes me happy..
Dinosaurs and bright colors.
This is suppose to be a allosaurus.

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