Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Attack of the Art

Here is a gift I did for Sarah of http://allthingsblogs.blogspot.com/

What a stressful week. 
My dog got attacked by the neighbors two dogs!
Two days in a row! 
Both days my dog was on a leash, and their dogs were
running wild and out of control. They have a young german shepard
who is very aggressive and mean. I forgave them the 1st day but after it happen
again I had to call the police. The lady didn't think it was the law
to have a dog on a leash if you had a unfenced yard. The animal control guy
told her I was right. I know dog laws very well lol. My dog is ok
but he did get a bunch of bite marks...These are the type of people who do not know
 how to control or train their dogs, and they of course need to have 
TWO large aggressive breeds... 

Well I do have some fun art updates, 
I am working on a list of Dinosaurs to draw,
less common ones since I always draw like a 
t-rex or raptor

1. Anurognathus
2. Stegosaurus
3.  Microraptor
4. Brachiosaurus
5. Archaeopteryx
6 Pterodactyl
8 Gigantspinosaurus
9 Rhamporphydon



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